Sunday, November 05, 2006

life in pictures part 1

lost blogger returns

So its been a really really long time since I have had a blog entry and I really don't know where to start. So many things have happened in the past little while and I really don't have the time to go through all of them.
for the most part I have been keeping extremely busy working my two jobs (being a mommy is a fulltime, no holidays or overtime pay job!! ). Its hard to try and balance both worlds but it is getting better and easier for all of us as the time goes by. Addis had an amazing first birthday and he has ajusted to me going back to work perfectly. I am glad to be back with adults for the most part of my day since speaking to a baby is not quite the same as speaking to a work colleague.
I have so many pictures I want to share that are better than me just rambling on about things so I am going to end the blog here and show off the little one in action. I will do my best to keep updating my blog even if it is just with pictures! Sorry for the hiatus and I will be posting soon :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

pictures from cali part 1

Sunday, September 03, 2006

We are back :):)

Well I must say that it feels good to be home. I am glad I am back to reality and to my life at home. I really had a fun time on our trip to see my family in California. It felt more special since Addis was with me and that I was finally getting a chance to show him off to my big family. We had a blast for sure and I would love to do it again real soon. Dave did make it for the first week and Addis and I stayed on for another 3 weeks without him. I must say that was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I missed him a lot and he missed us too. Its hard to be separated from someone who pretty much spends every moment with you. I could tell Addis missed him too because he didn't have anyone to play with him like daddy does so you could imagine what their first play time was like.
we had fun seeing my family and spending time with my gradient's. I did a lot of driving in those 4 weeks on the freeway and I am glad to be back on good old London roads! It was hard to leave family you love and care about so much but that is what makes it easier to go back and visit again.
so like I said before, its back to reality for me. I have had to plan Addis 1st birthday party in less than a week and I am hoping the weather will be nice enough so we can pull it off. We are having a bbq picnic birthday party so we can have lots of people come by and hang out and have kids play games outdoors and stuff. Its going to be in a really nice park area, the conservation area which has some cool playgrounds and picnic tables so it should be good. I am disappointed to say that some people that are really important to me cannot make it but some for valid reasons ( you know who you are ).I am excited but sad at the same time. This means a year of my life has gone by so quickly and that I will have to leave my baby and go to work... The next day!! Its so heart breaking to leave him after getting to be with him for awhile year...But it does have to go on. He is going to be with daddy for the most part and grandma for the rest of the time but I will only be working until 2:30 in the afternoon so that wont be so bad. I know that I will be a mess on September 11 but I know that its what I have to do. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to get a different job working part time instead of full time but we will see. until then we will manage...
well I am going to add some pics of Addis from our trip.. One thing that was crappy about my trip was that the new memory card I bought for my camera didn't work! So my cousins took the pics for me with their camera and all 183 pictures have Addis in them! I love my son and all but really now ... No pics of other family members, just mainly Addis!
well until next time

Monday, July 03, 2006

This one is for you Mel .. :)

so I took another break from my blog and I am sorry to my one and only reader and fan club member for doing so. She didn't bug me much to start writing again but she did keep on checking my blog to see if there was a new post and she would let me know she checked it so thank you Mel for caring and wanting to read about my life stories.
so on another note, we took our first family trip ever this past weekend to Niagara falls and we had a blast. It was very exciting for me because I obviously being the mom like to document every first Addis has and this was our FIRST FAMILY VACATION... Sorry I just get really happy and excited when I say it and think about it. He was his usual happy chatty self on the drive up and he did take a nap so the trip started off really well. We stayed at a hotel called the skyline inn and it was located near the American boarder and the falls so it was nice and close to the strip and to a lot of good restaurants. The hotel was joined to another hotel by a walkway that took you to the indoor waterpark called the fallsview waterpark. this waterpark was huge and was located on the roof of the other hotel so you could imagine what we were thinking. Addis and I had fun hanging out in the wave pool and getting splashed abet. There was also another pool located outside of the waterpark that had basketball nets and stuff so obscures daddy took advantage of that and played some water hoops with addis. unfortunately we didn't bring our camera into the waterpark because we were not sure where we were going to put it and I didn't want to risk losing it or getting it stolen since we weren't by our clothes the whole time so I didn't take any pictures of it... I know I suck cause I really did want to take pictures but oh well..
but anyhow it was a blast and I loved the fact that we got to spend so much time with Dave since he had 4 days off in a row. He works so hard and a lot of hours during the week and sometimes even weekends so its a rare opportunity that we get so many days with him but it was special for us and I am happy he did this for us.
oh almost forgot my story about the lady at the hotel... So our hotel had this courtyard that our room looked over so I took Addis down there at around 7:30 in the morning so we can just sit and enjoy the sunshine and nature. Addis makes friends everywhere we go so he was all happy and people were stopping to say hi to him so it was kind of nice to see so many friendly people. Now he wasn't screaming or doing the usual morning babble but just being a little vocal at this point and I figured that it wasn't that loud so I just let him crawl around and play until this lady comes out of nowhere ( well she came out of her room but anyhow) and starts giving me this dirty look. So I said to her," I am sorry are we bothering you"?.. Rely ,"yes do you mind we are trying to get some sleep"... In a very bitchly tone. So I said sorry again and she shut her room door and we went back to your room in dismay. Now I know it was only 7:30 am but really now... She didn't have to be bitchy about it, especially when a baby is just having fun and playing...
well that's about it, I did add some pictures of our trip and one of Addis eating his FIRST popsicle ever all by himself !! Anyone want to guess how messy he was when he was done ??

Thursday, June 08, 2006

First post in forever ...

Its been over a month since I wrote anything in this blog and its been for a good reason too. My computer kind of died but never fear cause jay the computer guy is here.. ( that was cheesy but I wrote it)... The power supply went crazy and the computer was sounding like a lawn mower. Dave also did try and install a ceiling fan in our room and turned off the power without shutting off the computer so that didn't help much either... Its been so long I didn't know what to write about and where to start...
Addis is doing great like usual. He is still his curious little self and is starting to get into everything he can find since he is pretty mobile now and is starting to crawl forward now. Its cute watching his determination to get what he wants and what he can accomplish in such a short time... The other day he discovered he could open his dresser drawers and had a hay day sitting there opening and closing it a thousand times! He is still babbling away and sometimes it does sound like he is saying certain words like hi and bye but its just from all the sounds he can make...
he went swimming for the first time which was really exciting! He loved the water.. At first he was a little scared because it was cold but once he got used to it he was splashing away and kicking his feet. He also experienced his first gusmacker weekend which was cool too... Its a big deal for us since Dave has played in it for a very long time now and will probably play in it till he is 40 !! But Addis loved all the attention he got all weekend, he was being passed around and played with every minute and he hardly fused or cried since it was very different from his usual daily activities. He had his own little baller outfit and carried his own miniature basketball which was cute.. Dave and the boys ended up finishing 2nd in their division this year.
I am obviously adding picures to my post to show off my baby since he is soo cute... I got the best picture of him at dinner tonight with his toothy smile. He has a small bowel of spaghetti for dinner and ate it all so I was proud but what a mess he was!! Very cute though...

Friday, May 05, 2006

My poor poor Addis ...

I wanted to write this blog entry not to dwell on what happened but to just get it out since it was something that could have been major but was not. It still had an impact on my day and I know it is going to be on my mind for awhile but everything is ok now.
before I start scaring people about what it is, I am going to tell the story. I went for lunch with my sister and her friends yesterday with Addis because they had not seen him since he was born. We went to the golden griddle which is a pretty good breakfast place for all those people in London who like to eat pancakes or even eggs at 5 or 6 in the morning. It has been a bit over a year since I had been there so I was up to going and seeing how it was. So our waitress was a bit of a how can I say this nicely ... Ditzy. She was very forgetful and made jokes about it a lot but she had to ask us 2 what we ordered to drink and when it came to our food, she messed up our orders and gave food to the wrong person and so forth. So as she was clearing the table after we ate, she managed to drop a table knife on my poor little Addis!! He was really shocked by the fact that something fell on him so he obviously cried ... A lot ... He actually screamed and I can honestly say that I have never heard him scream like that ever and it was scary for me. At first we thought it was just the fact that something fell on him that scared him but after we got him to calm down by giving him toys, I noticed that he had a cut in his eye brow and that the corner of his eye was also cut and swollen... That scared me A lot. He was fine and in good spirits after and went on like nothing happened but the fact that something like that did happen and it could have been worse then it was really bothered me. She could have been way more careful when she was clearing the table and I know it was an accident and she apologized multiple times, it still doesn't excuse the fact that she dropped a knife on an 8 month old baby. As I was driving home it really started to bother me that all I got was an apology from the waitress and that she didn't even notify a manager to tell them what happened. I know from working retail that you let a manager know of any accidents and even from eating at many other restaurants when anything happens that inconveniences a customer a manager comes out and apologizes and takes care of your bill. Now its not like I was looking for a free lunch, I just wanted someone to know about it that could reprimanded her for it. I called the restaurant when I got home after Addis took his nap an the manager was gone for the day so I made sure I called when they told me he was going to be in today. I did get a chance to speak to him and he was very apologetic also and he gave me the whole speech on how she was very careless and how he will make sure he talks to her. He did ask me how Addis was a couple times which was nice of him and I did reassure him that my son was fine and that all I wanted to do was make sure management knew what had happened so it would not happen again. He did tell me to come back in and see him personally and that he would make sure that we were taken care of which is nice of him but like I said, I can pay for the meal it was just the fact the waitress did not bother to tell a manager and that this did actually happen and thank god it was not anything more than just a couple of scratches. So that is my story, I am glad I wrote about it... It made me feel better to get it out. And can you believe that I still tipped the girl .... ?? I cant but I did it ...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I just thought I would share my many mommy moments with everyone once again. As you can tell by the title, Addis has accomplished yet another milestone.. He can sit up all by himself !!! Well he can sit up for a couple of minutes and then he topples over once he tries to reach something but he hasn't been able to sit up without my help supporting him so I was pretty excited. He is also trying to crawl forward now... He can bring his one leg up and shift himself forward but that hasn't been fully accomplished yet but I give him another week or so and he is going to be on the move. I had to add some pictures ofcourse so all of you can see him in action. I love the picture with the hat to the side. i bought him some hats because it is getting hot and he does need protection from the sun for his head but he wants to play with it instead of wearing it. i just think he is soo cute with that on, he is my little homeboy!! my mom has been saying how much he looks like a little rapper and i think this picture proves it for sure.. what can i say, he is turning out to be more like his daddy everyday!!