Friday, April 28, 2006

another addis moment

I just felt like writing a little post to once again show you all another Addis picture moment. What can I say about this picture?? Um well we are at the I want to feed myself stage which is the finger food stage and its very cute but also very messy for mommy to clean up. I have bought him rice cakes and whole wheat bread and crackers so he can hold it and munch on it himself since he always tries to take away the spoon and the bowel and sometimes he is successful and makes a big mess all over himself for me to clean up. So we started with crackers and he liked them and now we are at whole wheat bread. I don't think he likes the bread as much as the crackers and the rice cakes since he just mushed it with his hands and made a mess all over his high chair and himself!! He is getting adventurous with his eating which is nice to see for sure because that means he is growing and getting older. He can also last a bit longer now during feedings so it gives me more time to play with him or just do other things. I have to say I am loving being a mommy so much that I wouldn't change the life I have for anything in the world! Look at the innocent little face.. it just melts your heart doesnt it??


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Melinda said...

Wow love the pics! I can't believe how his hair is getting - and curly too!

Can't wait to visit & get some more pictures to add to my collection. I'm gonna need a new wallet to show off my nephews while I'm in the UK...


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