Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Damn government ...

So can I just begin to express my frustration with the govenrment? Let me start by outlining one of my many issues, how much they suck at customer service. I applied for Addis birth certificate when he was born which was obvisously 7 months ago and I still don't have it even though they took the $30 cheque we sent them and cashed it. So I have been calling on and off for months only to have a busy signal at the other end of the line and up being told that we have never applied for a birth certificate for our son... Excuse me now?? I apparently paid $30 to only register Addis birth and not for his birth certificate. I had to go through another application process and pay them more money so I can finally get his certificate. My other issue is with the baby bonus money which I have not seen yet. I have also been calling that office for months to get a busy signal and when someone finally picked up I had the wrong number and was given another 800 # !!! AHHH .... I hate them I hate them I hate them soo much.. So I have spent my afternoon on hold for an hour at a time to get told what I don't want to hear which is very frustrating and annoying. The only good thing is that I finally got some answers after months of waiting but will still have to do more waiting for answers on where my money is for my baby bonus. I HATE 800 #'s and I especially HATE how this stupid government works !!!!
there I have vented and I feel better .... I am glad Addis slept through all of this because it would have been a little hard to try and get all of this done with a baby awake!!


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