Monday, April 03, 2006

Have I forgot to talk about my car??

So for the last little while, we have been experiencing car problem after car problem. I don't want to start from the beginning with this story because it would take awhile and since it would get me mad again but lets just say I have had about enough. So Dave crashed the car and the repairs were being taken care of through insurance since it was going to cost $3,500 to fix all the damage. The repair place the insurance wanted us to take it to seemed ok at first, very reputable , family owned and nice man running the business. We were told it would take a couple of days to fix the car after it took them 3 days to finally look at it and assess the damage. So we waited and called on the date we were told it would be done and found out that its not done. He said call back tomorrow.... He said the same thing the next day .... Then he said that he was waiting for parts from Mazda since he was sent the wrong ones and that they would be here tomorrow... We waited again. Finally after two weeks ( yes people.. 2 freakin weeks to fix oh maybe 5 parts that were broken ..!! f$%kers....) I called on friday and told him that I had to have the rental car back today by a certain time since it was only a two week rental and that we would have to start paying for it, he informed me that the car was pretty much done and to get enterprise to drop me off at the shop. So I get there with Addis to find out that once again there was one part that was sent to them that was wrong and that he would have to call Mazda again and re-order it and get them to rush it. So Addis and I sat there and waited ... And waited some more .... Till he came out and said the car is drivable without this part since its only the O2 sensor and that I could take it with me today but to come back on Monday so they can put it on. So I left with Stella kind of feeling like a new car but with her engine light still on after all this because of the damn O2 sensor.
so I call today ( obviously being Monday ) and speak to his wife who happens to be the receptionist and was told that the part is still not here!!! What the f*&ck people ... Either Mazda is freakin damn as hell or these people really really suck and don't know what the hell they are doing!! So the car is still not done and if I have to play the waiting game all week, someone is going to really pay .....


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