Saturday, April 01, 2006

i finally did it ...

well i did it ! i went out with katherine for her birthday without addis. i left him with someone i knew would be fine with him even though i was still scared to do it. it was really hard for me for the first hour but i did call twice and katherines mom didnt answer the first time on purpose.she told me he was sound asleep when i called the second time and i was happy. the night was fun, we had dinner at waldos at the market and then went to robinsons hall for some drinks after. i forcourse had one drink and felt really tipsy... well that also might have been because i decided to order something different from the menu and ended up with something i really did not like which left a bad taste in my mouth and also in my wallet!!!! always ask if you are not sure what the menu means even at the risk of looking stupid at an expensive restaurant.
dave picked me up when he was done work and we got the report when we arrived that addis was still sleeping but did cry for the first hour because he was looking for me. i guess after we left he was fine for 10 minutes and played with kas mom but then started to notice that i was not around and stared at the door for a bit and then cried for awhile till he fell asleep. that just broke my heart. i am glad i did it though so he can start to understand that i am not always going to be there but i am going to have to do it more for it to be more effective. his mood today is different towards me and other people. he has cried alot more today then ever and i dont like that. as i am trying to wrrite this i ad to pick him up and sit him on my lap cxim ag cause he was crying... as you cAn tell by the wierd word since he is trying to banng or is banngin on the board ...anyways .. naptime is here but i will be back later to write more


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