Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kids can say the funniest things

So its been awhile since I have had an entry but I have been feeling a bit under the weather for the last couple of days. Its hard being sick and taking care of a baby when you have no energy and feel drained. I think Addis could tell I wasn't feeling good so he was good for me. I feel better today and have a bit more energy so I decided to write about something that happened last weekend that I thought was hilarious!
so when we were on our shopping trip last weekend in whiteoaks with Bishu, we were trying on shoes at the bay cause CeCe was working and we are all shoe addicts. There was a little girl and a boy there shopping with their mom and the little girl was constantly watching us. I had taken Addis out of his stroller cause CeCe was showing him off to all her work associates. The little girl came by the stroller which Bishu was sitting beside and asked,"where is the baby?". I replied, "right here in my arms, you want to see him?". She ofcourse replied yes so I sat Addis back down in his stroller and he sat himself up and proceeded to try and grab the little girls hair! I told her that is his way of saying hi to people and she smiled. She then looks at my sisters and says, " he's a bit one isn't he"?...!!!! A little girl who could not have been over the age of 3 years old made that comment... Now as you probably could guess we could not hold our composure and started laughing... What can you day to that really?? bishu could not stop laughing and I just replied." yeah,hes going to be a big kid some day just like you". Never under estimate what can come out of a young persons mouth. My niece and nephew have amazed me before but never did I think that a 3 year old girl was going to tell me that I had a big baby.


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Melinda said...

oh man - that's adorable! I bet you can't wait until Addis is old enough to say cute things like that. And he totally will :)


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