Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New adventures

Today Addis and I started our mommy and baby class. We are taking infant massage through one of the resource centers downtown. I have been waiting for this since we signed up 2 months ago and was very excited to see what it was going to be like. We also want to make lots of mommy friends out of this so we can hang out and have lots of play dates and that shouldn't be hard cause my son is very cute and charming. So we got up a bit later then usual today cause Addis was up at 3 am and didn't go back to sleep till about 4 am. We had our breakfast and off I went to change him into his outfit and long behold after he was all dressed and looking cute, he has the biggest poo and gets ruins his whole outfit! I was disappointed but what can you do.. That's life with a baby right?? So I decided he is still cute in his pajamas too and put them back on and off we went.
oh, also on a side note, what was up with all the snow today? I had to put him in a snow suit after we wore a spring jacket and I wore sandal's the other day ... Mother nature I tell you ... Very unpredictable lately.
anyways, so we head off to our class and we met all these cute babies. For some reason Addis looked the biggest and I think he is the oldest in the class too. There were other babies that were close to his size and there are a lot more boys then girls. So we started our lesson and learnt all these cool massage techniques and the whole time Addis was just trying to turn over and roll away from me so he could grab the baby beside us!! At one point he did roll over and almost grab the babies head and it was cute to watch but what can I say ... It seems like he wants to do what his cousin does to him which is poke and grab and sometimes stick his finger in addis's mouth...Yah babies are funny.. They will try and do anything! I was really glad I signed up for these classes and I am hoping throughout the summer we could do more of them just so we can socialize and get out of the house. We will see what next Wednesday brings though.


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