Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sleeping angel ...

I finally did it and I am proud of myself. Since Addis has been born he has been sleeping in our room in his bassinet playpen or in our bed... Yah I have heard it from people about the bed sharing thing and to me it was going to be ok in the long run as long as I started putting him in his room by himself. I finally had the courage and put him to bed in his room for the first time last night and I felt scared but good about it. I have this thing that I always have to watch him and I guess I am slowly beginning to realize that he will be fine without me there. I have watched him sleep since he was born and I did it because I just could not believe that he was here and he was mine and also to make sure that he would be ok. I guess this is a growing process for both of us since I am the one that has to learn to let go. Well he slept for 5 hours by himself until he started to hit his head against this mobile fish aquarium that we have in his crib. This thing is on the inside and does take up a bit of space and Dave and I heard it come on at round 2 and we thought he was awake but he had hit it with his head so we moved him to another spot away from it only to hear it come on 2 more times. Addis did kind of wake up and notice me and at that point I did take him back to our room. I am happy to say though that he is once again sleeping in his crib tonight and hopefully he will sleep the whole night by himself but we are going to take baby steps at this until we are both comfortable with the situation. I know I have a life time of many firsts for both of us to look forward to and I am excited. And to prove it to everyone that I did do this I took a picture of my angel sleeping .... I can do this right ? :)


At 8:32 PM, Blogger Melinda said...

Oh Ledawit - you were an amazing mommy even before Addis was born! You are doing an amazing job with him - he's happy, affectionate, smart, and has a great personality. These things don't happen by themselves.
as for other people telling you how to raise your son, just remember that you need to do what is best for you and Addis (and Dave) and nobody else.


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