Monday, April 10, 2006

What a cool guy....

So I bought Addis some sun glasses about 2 weeks ago from the children place when Kim and I went shopping. I thought they were pretty cool and they were only 2 for &8.00 anyways so it was a good deal. When I first put them on him he kinda didn't like it.. He did the Stevie wonder head thing to try and shake them off and then he just got used to it. He still tries to grab them off his head every time I put them on him but I think he looks cute. His cousins saw him for the first time with them on today and started calling him the "cool guy". I think that's a pretty cool nick name if you ask me... Doesn't he look like so adorable??!! I got to say I love them on him! I am not trying to be one of those moms that dresses her baby up all the time in the coolest trendiest clothes but its nice to have a little fun with your baby. I just love seeing him look so cute... :)


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